Ufloat Pontoons 3.0

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Ufloat Plastic Pontoons 3.0 for custom projects

The floating pontoons are the perfect basis for your successful DIY project.
Rafts, jetties, platforms and houseboats stay reliably afloat with these floats. The well thought-out construction with the curved bottom, the individual air chambers and the pointed end piece guarantees the safety, stability and durability of the pontoons.
But not only the end result, but also the construction itself will inspire you:
The floats are designed so that they can be carried and installed by one person. Thanks to the pre-formed screw channels building your own raft is easy!
Experience it for yourself now and order your professional pontoons as a secure foundation for your project.
If you have any questions about the requirements of your individual project please contact us directly using our contact form.
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New product!

Ufloat 3.0 Aft and Bow are versatile modular plastic pontoons that are designed with ease of assembly and safe handling in mind. It is our 3rd generation of the popular Ufloat. A unique feature of Ufloat 3.0 is the design-protected interlock between pontoons giving unsurpassed strength to the assembled pontoon.

If you find our Ufloat Raft Kits too small for your requirements please pick Ufloat DIY pontoons only and easily build:

*a longer catamaran raft, by adding AFT middle sections to increase length in steps of 1.20m OR

*a tri-maran raft of your desired length by adding the third row OR

*a double – catamaran for projects that require higher buoyancy, like a floating sauna or utility / work raft.

For a typical trimaran the pontoons will have length of 7.2m each, 5 pcs AFT + 1 pc BOW per row.

Please pick as many middle sections and front pieces as you need.

You can learn more about the products if you click on respective links.

If you have any questions – please send us a message.

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