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Do you love the outdoors, water and working with your hands? Then get ready, order the parts you need and soon enjoy the sunset on your own swimming platform.

UFLOAT makes your life easier

In addition to complete complete kit packages you can also buy professional pontoons for your project. You will also find tried and tested instructions for various floating projects which we are happy to share.

Choose your DIY kit set now and start building your own swimming platform soon.

Professional Equipment

The same products that we use for projects at concerts on the water and recreational facilities can also be found here.

Easy to Customise

Make the world the way you like it. The floats can be combined so that they are suitable for a wide variety of projects.

Easy to Work With

We would be happy to advise you personally so that you can implement your DIY project quickly and safely. Just get in touch with us using the contact form.

Secure payments

Payment is simple and secure using PayPal, credit card or SEPA direct debit. Shopping should be fun!

Free shipping

No matter how big or heavy the parcels are: You get all the products in our shop delivered to your front door free of charge.

Certified Safety

Our rafts kits have been tested according to 2013/53 / EC. With this you can be sure of the safety of your DIY project. Certain conditions apply.

Ufloat product range

You will find exactly what you need for your individual swimming project.

Plastic pontoons

As different as rafts, swimming platforms and jetties are, the basis is always the same: Ufloat plastic pontoons.

These pontoons are the result of years of development. Today they are durable, environmentally friendly and modularly combinable. This makes them the ideal base both for your DIY project and our complete packages. Discover all the details about the professional floats now.


Complete packages

Would you like to lend a hand yourself, but leave the conception and security to the professionals?
Then the complete packages are made for you.
With these complete sets, everything is included: components, screws and tools.

The simple instructions guide you step by step through the construction. And after a few hours you will be standing proudly in front of your own bathing platform.

Now choose the right size and find out all the details about the complete packages.


Free Advice

As creative inspiration and for safe assembly, we provide you with assembly drawings free of charge. You can find all the parts you need for the implementation in our shop.

You can stick to the tried and tested steps or realize your own ideas. The detailed drawings guide you step by step to a quick and reliable result.


As you can see, at UFLOAT you get exactly what you need for your DIY project, from individual floats to complete sets and detailed instructions.

So that you can put your project into practice safely and easily, we would be happy to advise you personally.
Regardless of whether it is about the dimensions of the platform or the load capacity of pontoons: Tell us about your project and we will help you with our many years of experience.

Just get in touch using the contact form or send us an email.