Ufloat: The Ultimate DIY Raft

UFLOAT plastic pontoons are seamlessly molded from durable plastic to ensure many years of service and can be fully recycled. Building your project exactly as you want is easy with Ufloat modular design. Message us to find out more!

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The Ufloat Story

Ufloat was born after making plastic floats for many years for others, as we saw how products on the market  were not optimized for transport, could not be safely handled by one person, assembly was too complicated and time consuming.

Why choose Ufloat?

Our modular design helps build a raft, swimming platform or jetty of pretty much any size. Each float element is a separate watertight section – for example – on our standard 11.5m2 deck raft you have 8 sections. Ufloat can be assembled all by yourself, even on the water. Maneuverability and handling are both excellent.

Ufloat is a registered trademark. All Ufloat designs are registered in patent office.