Ufloat 3.0

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Ufloat 3.0 is the ultimate DIY raft kit

Choose between two easy to assemble deck kits floating on Ufloat pontoons or contact us for your custom project.

It is easy to build a Ufloat following the provided general assembly drawing. Each pontoon block is a separate water-tight section.

Ufloat 3.0 plastic pontoons have a unique interlock ensuring unsurpassed structural strenght to the pontoons.

If you have a custom project in mind – please get in touch for a quote!





Ufloat 3.0 is the ultimate DIY raft kit! You can choose between Ufloat Classic with deck size of 2.50m x 4.80m and Ufloat Large with deck size of 3.0m x 6m.

Classic: two rows of pontoons to total length of 4.80m, max certified buoyancy of 1020kg

Large: two rows of pontoons to total length of 6.0m, max buoyancy of 1360kg

In order to comply with safety norms it is advisable to add railing kit and lifebuoy to your order.

Clients with valid VAT number – please email before ordering, net prices available.

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