Advantages of choosing Ufloat

Would you like to start your own water project and are you looking for reliable plastic floats? Then the plastic pontoons from Ufloat are the perfect solution for your project:

Free custom project drawings: If you have any questions about the product and need assistance with your project, simply contact us using our contact form or send us an email. We will be happy to share our expertise.

Easy to handle: We have integrated many well thought-out details into our pontoons so that the construction of your water project is fun and as simple as possible. Each float can be safely handled by a single person. Assembly is easy thanks to the prefabricated screw channels.

Modular design: let your creativity run free. With these floats, every project can be realized. From swimming platform to floating concert stage or work boat: everything is possible with the right number of pontoons.

UV and frost resistant: The material used is resistant to UV rays – the most common reason for cracks and breaks. But with minor damage, the pontoon may not have to be replaced. The polyethylene is quite easy to repair.

Sustainable: the floats are 100% recyclable. To do this, we replaced the non-recyclable blind nut insert mostly used in the industry with recyclable plastic screw channel. Instead of becoming hard to recycle waste, the pontoons can be made into buckets, baskets and the like at the end of their life.