Provided all materials are at hand you should be able to finish this project in about 4-6 hours with some help and have a float with total length of 4.80m, and width of either 2.50m or 5.0m and deck area of 10m2 - 20m2 respectively. All the timber, nuts and bolts are listed in assembly drawings. Please note that due to the technology  used in manufacturing the pontoons the dimensions as indicated in the drawings may vary by up to +10mm, so it is advisable to buy timber a little longer than shown in assembly drawings.

You will need the following tools:
power screwdriver
4mm and 10mm drill
measuring tape

Place pontoons in a row at the desired distance between the two rows. For a 4.80m long pontoon 4 sections are required: 1 pc end-piece at each end and  2 pcs middle sections. 

Put planks for pontoon frame against the fixation points as shown in the drawing, and make sure they are straight. Attach the planks to pontoons with stainless steel or zn galvanized self-tapering screws, as you do this, please press the plank against the pontoon surface to make sure there are no gaps and it lays on the pontoon. 

Add Zn galvanized angles in the corners, on the inside, and drill a 10 mm hole for placing of loop, add the loop. If you plan to install an outboard engine - please add two planks as shown on assembly drawing for engine placement.