F12 pontoons are seamlessly molded from a material that is lightweight and has unsurpassed resistance and durability to ensure many years of trouble free service in our climate - UV ray treated polyethylene. Screw channels are pre-molded in the plastic, pontoons come equipped with a 32mm drain plug for pumping out of ballast. F-12 pontoons are among the toughest and most versatile on the market. 

F12SK Middle Section has volume of 280L and buoyancy of 220kg, the F12 Nose Part has volume of 200L and buoyancy of 150kg. It is possible to combine these two elements in many ways to meet your particular needs. There are a lot of floating structures you can build using F12SK, and, with the addition of F12 Nose part you can also build a raft of a party float. 

Thanks to the modular design of our pontoons you have a lot of design freedom when deciding on the length, width or buoyancy of the structure. You can easily give more lift to certain areas of your floating platform, in case of a floating gazebo or sauna project. The modular design also gives more safety as every piece is a stand-alone watertight compartment.